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Next Meeting and Sewing Day - Sunday, February 8, 2015, 11 am - 4 pm, Quilt in A Day, San Marcos

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hurricane Sandy quilts?

If you wanted to donate a quilt to Hurricane Sandy Relief, the mothership has recommendations:
The first place, ACACIA Network/Bumblebeans Basics ( already has so many quilts they will stop taking donations Dec. 7. The other two places primarily want Twin - Queen sized quilts. Since time is of the essence, I encourage you to send your own donations off as soon as possible rather than waiting to bring them to the Dec. 1 meeting. 
[I sent two of mine off this morning, and it will take about a week for the package to cross the country by parcel post.]

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sew-In This Weekend, Nov 18th

Our last sew-in at Quilter's Paradise is this Sunday, November 18, 2012 from 11 am - 3 pm.  

All are welcome to join in!

Also, since they are closing, QP is having a big sale :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dec. 1. Hand Quilting Demo...

For the hand quilting demo, these are the following supplies we will be using...

(However, keep in mind that I will bring all the supplies plus 2 hoops and 2 thimbles. So no need to buy anything, only if you want to, might want to try it first. But feel free to bring whatever supplies you want.
Also, if you have a hoop or frame, and or the specific thimbles and could bring it, that would allow more people to try at a time. If you can do so please let me know what size the hoop or frame is, so I will have enough fabric/batting. 

- quilting hoops/frames
Ie. I noticed that Rosie's had two 14" hoops @ $22., and Country Loft had one 17" hoop @ $28. Both plastic resin types. Takes a week to get them in.
- perle cotton balls, size 5,7 or 8.
- embroidery needles, eye big enough for the thread to go through.
- quilting thread.
- quilting needles or Betweens, range from 7(large) to 12 (small).
- thimble with a grid texture or raised lip for the index.
- rubber finger for pointer finger.
- fabric and batting.

If you have any questions please reply here or on SDMQG Flickr page.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Winter 2012 Fabric Challenge with the Modern Quilt Guild (AKA Mothership)

As mentioned at the November meeting, our guild will be participating in the upcoming fabric challenge sponsored by Michael Miller.  The fabric is Madrona Road by Violet Craft.

Our (re)newly elected Activities Coordinator has set up a sign-up on Flickr.  We need sign-ups by Thursday, November 8th since they are providing free fabric!   Here is a handy link to the sign-up.

A few more details, or at least pretty pictures, here -

And because I like a post with pictures, here's a little pouch I made from Madrona Road. . .

Saturday, November 3, 2012

November 3rd Meeting Summary

We had a good turn out for the meeting today. Special thanks to Pam for bringing extra chairs!

The meeting kicked off with SD Bee blocks.

Susan has all but two of her blocks back.

Sandi's herringbone blocks are looking good.

I presented my plan for string blocks in a specific color pattern including red, yellow, orange and pink.

We had a good discussion about potential new Sew-In locations. Amanda will be taking the lead to confirm our options. The general consensus was that the size of the room was most important with location and cost following. If needed, most members were willing to pay a nominal fee for sew-in events. If you have any additional options or ideas, please contact Amanda (platty82 on Flickr).

For our December 1st Meeting we will be changing to a new location. Jen has reserved space for us at UCSD and more details will follow. We will have a short meeting and potluck. The demonstration will be hand quilting presented by Pam. Sewing is optional but there is definitely space for it!

There will be no December Sew-In.

The guild budget discussion and vote was tabled until our Sew-In location/costs is finalized.

The bylaws were also discussed and unanimously approved with two changes; we will add a clause to default to Robert's Rules of Order should the bylaws not cover something. Also we will add in a revision date.

Officer elections were also held and the only change to 2012 officers is the addition of Susan Kephart as Community Relations Coordinator.

We also agreed to sign as a guild up for the Modern Quilt Guild Challenge this year. It will feature the Madrona Road fabric by Violet Craft. Angela D. will be the coordinator of this event.

As a reminder, Jessica is coordinating our involvement in the QuiltCon charity quilt donations. The quilt is due in February but we have not yet received the blocks to start. Some members have already contributed coordinating fabric to complete the top.

Sew and Tell

Theresa's christmas quilt

Jen's two owl costumes

Marisa's banned book book bag

Ilene's millionth quilt from one fat quarter set

Pam's last NICU quilt from SD Bee blocks

and back

Deb's BOM with Sunkissed

and her Christmas door hanging

Dawn's bow tie quilt

Sandi brought bits from the Heather Ross sample sale.

Please bring any donation quilts for the UCSD NICU to the December 1st meeting. Susan K. will be collecting them for donation.

Amanda has put together the wonky stars from our first block collection and created a quilt that is 54 inch square. We had hoped to make a twin size quilt (65x88) so please make additional blocks or let Amanda know if you prefer we just finish at the current size.

Susan K. has started a Flickr discussion for additional charities to direct our donations as a guild. Please add your ideas there.

Alicia demonstrated free motion quilting including using stencils and chalk to mark the pattern as well as tips that have worked well for her.

Raffle prizes and extra purple strips for Sandi's bee blocks.

Teresa won the book, Free-Motion Quilting by Angela Walters.
Marisa won the Heather Ross mermaid notepad donated by Sandi.

We hope to see you at the November Sew-In on the 16th and the December meeting on the 1st!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Meeting This Weekend, November 3rd!

Please join us on Saturday, November 3rd at 10 am for the November meeting of the San Diego Modern Quilt Guild.  We will meet at Home Ec Studio in South Park.  Address is 2225 30th St, Suite 3, San Diego, 92104.  Street parking is available.

We have a ton in store for this month's meeting including
  • Monthly Swap Announcemnt
  • Possible sneak peeks of the October Bag of Scraps projects; due at December meeting
  • SD Bee Block presentation 
  • Alicia's Free Motion Quilting Demonstration - here's an example of her crazy good skills -

  • Bylaws and Officer Discussions and Voting
  • Sew and Tell  (by you!)

Additionally, as you may know, we have been looking for a new location to continue our monthly sew-ins.  A few options have come up so we will also be discussing new locations.  

Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you there!