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Next Meeting and Sewing Day - Sunday, February 8, 2015, 11 am - 4 pm, Quilt in A Day, San Marcos

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Report from the Field

Nine guild members met at a Park and Ride for the quick jaunt up to Sew Modern.   We made really good time and ran into the owner, Lauren, in the nearby Starbucks.  Two members (and their families) met us up there as well.  We soon descended on the shop and were so happy with our finds (and the extra help brought in for cutting)!

Susan, First Through the Door

Dawn, Winner of the Most Excited Award
Sew Modern is a fantastic shop, the staff are extremely helpful and there are so many wonderful fabrics all in one place!  Get ready for photo overload!

After so much quilty goodness, we walked down the street for sandwiches and salads.  Two members of the LA MQG met us at the cafe and showed off some lovely quilts.  

Next up, for the group, was Momen+.  Where there may or may not have been a scuffle brewing over Melody Miller typewriters.  I was a little late so don't have any proof of that.

Order was restored and treats were consumed at the delightful Torrance Bakery just a few doors away.   

Our final stop was Sewing Party, where the delight continued.   They had a great selection as well as many, many samples and a great space for classes.  

I think we would all call this trip a success and we had a lot of fun.

Many thanks to Ileen for organizing the day so well and to all the drivers!

If you want to see a little more, check our Flickr group for posts about the fabric and other goodies that made it home with us.

Stay tuned for great projects popping up soon!

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  1. Loved seeing what you are doing. Can I invited you all to Save the Date for the El Camino Quilters Connections Quilt Show, April 11-12, at the QLN Conference Center, 1938 Avenida del Oro, in Oceanside. We a planning a display of art quilts.