Next Sewing Day

Next Meeting and Sewing Day - Sunday, February 8, 2015, 11 am - 4 pm, Quilt in A Day, San Marcos

Friday, December 19, 2014

Central Region Meetup on December 28

Need a break between the holidays? Come meet up for coffee/tea/cupcakes at Babycakes in Hillcrest on Sunday, Dec. 28 at 2 p.m. (They even serve brunch until 3!) Come eat, chat, show off your holiday finds and any gifts you loved (or even hated) getting.  
Babycakes has a large front patio and lots of seating inside. If those spots are taken, we'll try the small outside patio at the back of the store. There are a few parking spots in front of the shop, and metered parking around the neighborhood is free on Sundays. (You may  have to walk a few blocks but that will help work off the cupcake calories...)
Babycakes Hillcrest (map)
3766 Fifth Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 296-4173

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December Meeting Highlights

Snowmen and earmuffs might not be common sights during December in San Diego, but that didn't stop us from celebrating the end of 2014 with our final guild meeting and Potluck party!

If you couldn't be there, here is what you missed:

1) Membership Renewals - Our new Treasurer, Angela G., started collecting dues ($40 for 2015) from those who wanted to renew their memberships for next year. We will have to pay our guild's dues to the national organization by January 15, so please make every effort to renew your membership at the January 11 2015 meeting if you haven't already. 

2) Regional Group activities - our North County members have already organized two informal meet-ups, but the South/East County folks are right behind them with plans for a Sew-In on January 31 at Memory Lane Quilt Shop in El Cajon. We have to charge a small fee for this event to cover the room rental, and space is limited, so reserve your spot now!
The Central members are still waiting for a non-rainy weekend to reschedule the Photo Day in the Park. Watch this space for more details.

3) Anyone planning to go to Road to California in Ontario, CA on January 22-25? We're trying to organize carpools for either Friday the 23rd or Saturday the 24th. If you're interested, sign-up here. Even if you don't need a ride, check in for details about meeting up for lunch or a tour of the exhibits!

4) Upcoming Special Events - We are trying to plan a workshop on improv piecing with Jacquie Gering, director of the National MQG and popular author of Quilting Modern, to be held in March or April. Watch this space for more details!

Also in progress are plans for a Quilting Retreat to be held in September or October. Unfortunately, our first choice of venue, Sisters in Temecula, is booked up for all of 2015 already, so if you know of any other good venues that could accommodate 12-15 people and sewing machines, let us know.

5) Report from the Field - Speaking of Temecula, Susan M. reports that the recently opened Needle in a Fabric Stash is definitely worth the drive! She showed us many pictures of their wide selection of modern fabrics and supplies. 


1) Charity Quilts - Our QuiltCon Charity Challenge Quilt is finished! Thanks to Chris for quilting and binding, and thanks to everyone who contributed a block and helped us assemble it in the October meeting.
Soon it will be off to Austin TX to be exhibited during QuiltCon 2015!

After the con, the quilt will come back to us so we can donate it to a local youth charity. Nancy, our new charity coordinator, proposed we give it Just in Time for Foster Youth, an organization which helps set up households for young adults as they age out of the foster care system. 

Susan K., our outgoing charity coordinator, also brought along 2 big boxes with the quilts we've made and collected in 2014. Several guild members were enlisted to help sew on our guild labels to make the quilts ready for donating. The smaller ones will go to the NICU at UCSD Hillcrest Hospital, and the larger ones will find their way to senior and oncology units.

2) Bee Blocks - We took a bee break for the holidays, but be sure to finish your blocks for Jen (October) and I-Chun (November) by the January 11 meeting. The January block will be presented by Chris, followed by Theresa in February.

3) Demo - Sue Bouchard gave a very timely demonstration of a quick and easy, 1-yard, lined shopping bag pattern, based on a Lazy Girl Designs tutorial. Might be just the thing for those last-minute gifts!

Which do I want?
4) The Pouch Swap was a big success! We had 21 participants, and lots of stealing. Ilene was especially unfortunate. But we all went home with a handy pouch and an extra gift inside!

5) Sew and Tell! the best part of the meeting! All the wonderful projects from quilts to bags to scrappy teacher gifts! We can't post all the photos here, so click over to our Flickr Pool to see them all!

Just the beginning....
We wrapped up the meeting with our annual Potluck Lunch. Though there were some yummy vegetables and salads, our members also exhibited some serious skill in the cookie and desert arts! (That's why we only do it once a year...)

That's all until next year! But get ready - at our January meeting, we'll be doing Book Reviews and Iron Testing. Bring a new or favorite quilting book and tell us what's great about it. Pack your old trusty iron, and we'll use high-tech scientific equipment to evaluate which models work best. And don't forget your dues...

Join us for our next guild meeting on January 11, 2015 starting at 11:00 am at Quilt in a Day. See you there!

Monday, December 15, 2014

South/East County Sew-In at Memory Lane Quilt Shop January 31, 2015

Sure, it looks like the North County members of the SDMQG have all the fun, but the South/East County folks are going to get their chance to show us how it's done!
Whether you're a current member, or if you've been interested in learning more about the San Diego Modern Quilt Guild, but couldn't make the drive up north to our monthly guild meetings, you are invited to join us at Memory Lane Quilt Shop in El Cajon on Saturday January 31 for a special South/East County Sew-In event!

Just bring your sewing machine, supplies, and a project to work on. The shop is equipped with design walls, ironing stations, and cutting tables. 
Bring your lunch (Memory Lane has a microwave to heat up food and a fridge to keep things cold), or  plan to pop out to one of the many nearby fast food options (including Starbucks for the latte-dependent!)

We look forward to seeing you and meeting new quilters from the East County. We will take a few moments, mid sew-in, to share our projects.

The cost of the event is $10. The room accommodates 15 quilters with machines, so since space is limited, make your reservation now! 

October 24 N. County Meetup - Photographic Evidence

Elnora sent along these photos of the sewing part of the North County Meetup held on October 24, 2014. No was willing to turn over photos from the subsequent Happy Hour at El Callejon in Encinitas, however...

 Liz and Maho 
Carrie's first hand appliqué
Becky hard at work
Lenora's House block and Ilene's quilt top
Thanks to Elnora for organizing the Sew-In at Quilt in a Day, and thanks to Theresa for organizing the Happy Hour afterwards! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

December 14 Guild Meeting and Potluck Party!

The Holiday Season and the end of the year are rapidly approaching, so it's time for a party!

Please join us on Sunday, December 14, 2014 at 11:00 am at Quilt in a Day  for the last SDMQG meeting of 2014.

We'll catch up on regional activities, see how the charity quilts turned out, watch a quick & easy bag demo, and maybe hear about some exciting plans for 2015! 

We'll also have a Yankee/White Elephant-style swap of zipper pouches (with small gifts inside), compare progress on our latest projects during Sew-and-Tell, and wrap it all up with our annal Potluck Lunch. Bring whatever holiday (or non-holiday) food or drink you like to share! Plates, cups, and silverware will be provided. 

After all that, we'll have the spacious classroom for free sewing until they chase us out at 4:00 pm! Finish your secret projects away from prying eyes, or just hang out and chat, we won't tell.....

Monday, November 24, 2014

Quilt Talking and Pie Tasting

Susan, Marisa, Angela, Elnora, Jen, Nancy, I-Chun,
Pam, Amanda, and Andrea and Ileen (not pictured)
all enjoying some of North County's finest deserts.
On Sunday Nov. 23, some of our North County members (and those who could be enticed to drive up to Encinitas for the promise of pie) met up at Betty's Pie Whole Saloon to talk Modern Quilting and get some desert ideas for Thanksgiving. According to the crumbs left on the plates, a good time was had by all!

Uneaten apple pie? is that even a thing?
Our goal is to hold more of these regional activities in the upcoming year. South/East County folks, we're planning a meet-up and sewing day at Memory Lane Quilt Shop in El Cajon on January 31, 2015. Watch this space for more details.

And wherever you are in the county, don't miss our year-end guild meeting, zipper pouch + gift swap, and potluck lunch on Sunday, December 14 at 11:00 am at Quilt in a Day. 

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

November Meeting Highlights

If you were out enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and couldn't make it to the November 9 SDMQG meeting, here is what you missed:


1) The Venue Research Committee (Marisa, Ilene, I-Chun, and Pam) have compiled an extensive list of alternate meeting locations. They didn't turn up a place that could beat Quilt in a Day for cost and capacity, so they recommended we stay in our current location for now, and review our options in two years. If you have comments or suggestions, let us know. Otherwise, we will vote on the venue recommendation at the December 14 meeting.

2) The Board of Directors for 2015 were elected by a unanimous vote. Congratulations to:

          Chris Broehmer - President
          Marisa Thompson - VP Operations
          I-Chun Chen - VP Activities
          Susan Kephart - Secretary
          Angela Greenwald - Treasurer

We also welcome Nancy Littlefield and Jen Collins as Charity Coordinators, and Theresa McLellan and Angela Greenwald as SDBee Coordinators. Special thanks to Jen for also being our new Greeter/Welcoming Committee.

3) Regional Activities are beginning to come together! 

    The North County Sew-in and meet-up on Oct. 25 was a big success, and a follow up coffeeshop hangout for Sunday Nov. 23 is in the works. Watch this space for more details!

    The Central Photo Day in the Park scheduled for Nov. 1 was unfortunately rained out, but will be rescheduled for next year, once the holiday rush is over.

    A South/East event at Memory Lane Quilt Shop in El Cajon for an upcoming Saturday is in the works. Watch this space for more details!

4) Who is interested in a Quilting Retreat in 2015? According to our member survey, 92% of you are! Chris is trying to schedule a weekend retreat (Fri am - Sun pm) at the Sisters Retreat Center in Temecula. We are hoping for availability in early Fall (September or October?). 

Group Projects:

5) I-Chun presented a demo on fussy-cutting to go along with her Polaroid Blocks for the SDBee. Contact her for fabric if you didn't pick up a kit at the meeting. We collected some great blocks for Jen's Scrappy Sampler quilt. The rest will be due at the December 14 meeting. Marisa is still missing a few blocks from her month - check behind your sewing table to see if any are hiding!

There will be no Bee blocks presented at the December meeting - we're taking a holiday break. But Elizabeth is on deck for January. Can't wait to see what she has dreamed up!

6) Charity Quilts: Susan M. gave our first Wonky Star charity quilt a lovely lime green binding, and Susan K. promises to get the quilting on the second one done by the end of the year. The QuiltCon Charity Challenge top is off to Chris for quilting and binding, and should be ready to mail to Texas by the (early!) January deadline. Meanwhile, Nancy curated our Scrap Swap pile (see below) into many ideas for next year's projects!

7) The Vintage Quilt Revival Quilt-along folks met to share tips and tricks for their latest blocks. There are some great-looking projects taking shape!


We asked for your extras for the Scrap Swap, and boy did you provide! Even after everyone had filled their bags to bursting, there were lots of scraps left over charity projects. 

At our December 14 meeting, we will be swapping Zipper Pouches with a small gift (~$10)inside. For ideas, check here for some links to pouch patterns and tutorials.

Upcoming Events:

Our December 14 meeting will feature our annual Potluck Lunch! Bring your favorite food or beverage to share. 

Bring your irons to the January 11, 2015 meeting - we'll be putting on our science hats and doing some research into which models work best. Old or New? Cheap or Expensive? IR thermometers will be employed...

And if all that wasn't enough, we had a great Sew-and-Tell! Visit our Flickr page to see all the latest projects. There are some lucky babies and newlyweds out there who will be getting some special gifts from their quilter friends!

Our last guild meeting of the year will be held on Sunday December 14, at 11:00 am at Quilt in a Day. Bring your swappable zipper pouch and something yummy for the potluck. Hope to see you all!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 9 Guild Meeting and Sew-In

Please Join us for the next meeting of the San Diego Modern Quilt Guilt on Sunday, November 9, 2014, starting at 11:00 am at Quilt in a Day, San Marcos.

We will vote for Guild Officers for 2015, get an update from the Venue Committee, learn about Regional Group activities, and check in on our QuiltCon Charity project

I-Chun will be presenting her block for the SDBee, and if you have finished your blocks for Marisa, be sure to bring them in.

Our last scrap swap was a big hit!
And if that's not enough, get ready for another Scrap Swap! Bring a bag of scraps, as small or large as you want. We'll dump them into a big pile for redistribution. You can take home as much as you bring in. It's a great way to add variety to your stash!

If your shelves are cluttered with other fabric you just don't love any more, we'll also collect unwanted yardage for future charity projects, even if it's not particularly "modern".

Be sure to bring your latest projects for Sew-and-Tell! We love to see what everyone is working on and share the inspiration and creativity. 

After the talking is done, the Sew-In will continue until they toss us out at 4:00 pm. Get caught up on your holiday sewing, or maybe all those scraps will inspire a new project?

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Photo Day in the Park - POSTPONED

As predicted, Balboa Park got a good soaking of rain early this morning. Since nobody wants a muddy quilt, we're going to reschedule our Photo Day in the Park for drier weather. Meanwhile, have a great weekend!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Nov. 1 Meetup - Check the Weather First!

Those of you planning to join us for Photo Day in Balboa Park on Saturday November 1, may have noticed the weather forecast is calling for rain. :(

To avoid dragging our nice quilts through a soggy park, if there is rain in the Balboa Park area before 9:00 am Saturday morning, we'll officially reschedule this event for another day. Check your favorite weather app before you head out!

Check our Facebook group page for last minute updates.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

UPDATED: 2015 Board of Directors Nominations - Treasurer Needed!

We need treasurer candidates!

At our last guild meeting, nominations were taken for the 2015 Board of Directors positions, and these people agreed to run:
President: Chris Broehmer
VP Operations: Marisa Thompson
VP Activities: I-Chun Chen
Treasurer: Pam Sadler - Termed out :( 
Secretary: Susan Kephart
On review of our bylaws, however, we confirmed that board members are limited to two consecutive terms of service. Though Pam has been an excellent Treasurer for the past two years, the term limits prevent her from being elected again.

So if you can be our Treasurer please contact Deb [dsdonovan23(at)gmail(dot)com] or Marisa [marisa(dot)thompson(at)gmail(dot)com] before the nominations close at 5:00 pm, Sunday, October 26

Descriptions of the officer roles can be found in our bylaws. Elections will be held at the November 9 guild meeting.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October Meeting Highlights

QuiltCon Charity Quilt in progress
We had a full business agenda at the October 12 SDMQG meeting, but that didn't stop us from having a lot of creative fun as well! 

If you couldn't be there, this is what you missed:


1) 2015 Dues: The board proposed dues for next year be raised to $40 ($20 if you join after July 1). The National Modern Quilt Guild (the Mothership) asses dues to the member guilds based on size, and since we are growing, our dues are going up too. The motion was voted and passed with no dissent. Dues for 2015 can be paid starting at the December 14 meeting.

2) Nominations were taken for the 2015 Board of Directors positions. So far, we have these candidates:
President: Chris Broehmer
VP Operations: Marisa Thompson
VP Activities: I-Chun Chen
Treasurer: Pam Sadler
Secretary: Susan Kephart
Nomination will remain open until 5:00 pm, Sunday, October 26. If you still want to throw your hat in the ring, e-mail Deb [dsdonovan23(at)gmail(dot)com] or Marisa [marisa(dot)thompson(at)gmail(dot)com] by that time. Descriptions of the officer roles can be found in our bylaws. Elections will be held at the November 9 guild meeting.

3) Volunteers were taken for various committees:
Welcoming Committee/greeter: Jen Collins
SDBee organizers: Theresa McClellan and Angela Greenwald
Charity Committee: Nancy Littlefield and Jen Collins
Location Committee: Marisa (No. County), I-Chun (central), Ileen (So. County)
Extra curricular activities: no takers yet, will twist arms as necessary throughout the year...
Anyone is welcome to join any committee at any time - there are many ways to contribute! 

4) Location search and regional activities: 

    Although we love our Quilt in a Day meeting space for its big classroom that we can all spread out in, we realize that San Marcos is a long drive for some of our central and south county members, and it may even prevent some interested quilters from joining our guild. To overcome that, we are exploring new sites for meetings and other special events. The Location Committee will identify and assess alternate meeting spaces, and their findings will be presented to the guild for discussion in the first half of 2015. 

    Meanwhile, we've asked members to identify what regions of the county (north, central, south, east) they hang out in, and whether they'd be willing to plan informal regional meetups. We're going to kick it off with a Photo Day in Balboa Park for the centrally located folks (and anyone else who's interested!).

5) A summary of our Survey results was sent on October 9 to members using the e-mail addresses we had on file. If you did not get one, please contact Chris [cbroehmer(at)gmail(dot)com]. There were lots of good suggestions for future activities and speakers! But don't wait for the next survey - we will now be featuring a Suggestion Box at our meetings to collect all your great ideas.

6) The San Diego Quilt Show planners are looking for our input for next year! They would love to have some of our members help organize the 2015 show, and they are seeking suggestions for Modern Quilting-friendly vendors, teachers and speakers to invite. The Planning Committee meets the 4th Wednesday of each month, 6:30pm, at Rosie’s Calico Cupboard, 7151  El Cajon Blvd., San Diego.  Meetings start in January. Contact them at

Swaps: We swapped Polka Dot Charm Squares this time, but now it's time to start gathering up your scraps for the November 9 Scrap Swap! Bring a bag of scraps, as small or large as you want, we'll dump them into a big pile for redistribution. You can take home as much as you bring in! And if you have larger scraps or yardage you don't want, we'll take it for future charity projects. (Even if it's not especially modern, we'll find a use for it.)

At the December 14 guild meeting, our swap will be zipper pouches with small ($10ish) gifts inside. 

SDBee: Jen kicked off Round 3 with her Scrappy Sampler concept. If you need fabrics, contact her on Flickr. I-Chun is on deck for November. A few blocks for Marisa might still be out there - check behind your sewing tables!

Charity Quilts: Carrie gave us some awesome swirl quilting on our Wonky Star charity quilt and will hand it off to Susan M. for binding. Meanwhile, we took the QuiltCon Charity blocks made by our members and collaboratively designed the top. With many volunteers, we were able to piece the whole top during the Sew-In, and it's now in the hands of the talented Chris B. for quilting. When she's done, Susan K. will bind it, add a hanging sleeve, and see it's sent off to Texas by the January 3 deadline.

Even after all that, we still had an amazing Sew-and-Tell: Some Halloween projects, some finally-finished WIPs, and some great quilts from new members were on display. Pictures are worth thousands of words, so check out the guild Flickr Group for all the details! (now if the photographer could just work her camera properly after the software upgrade...)

Then it was off to the free sewing time. There are many interesting projects in progress - can't wait to see the results! 

Hope to see you all at our next meeting, on Sunday November 9, at 11:00 am at Quilt in a Day! 


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Central Regional Meetup - Photo day in the Park - Nov. 1

Sometimes it can be hard to make connections at busy guild meetings, so we're planning some informal events in various regions of the county for members to meet, hangout, and get to know each other. 

To kick this off, we're planning a central-region meet up for Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014 at Balboa Park. Weather permitting, we'd like to make this into a photo day!

We'll meet from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Pepper Grove Picnic Area/Playground. There is parking available behind the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center. (map). Bring your quilts and any photo gear, and we'll work together to get some outdoor glamour shots of your fabulous creations! 

Guild members, family, friends, and interested persons from all over the county are welcome. There's a playground nearby, so the little ones can run off their Halloween candy energy. If you don't need photography, just bring some handwork and hang out.

Bring your own picnic if you want to stay for lunch, and we'll provide soft drinks. 

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 12 Guild Meeting and Sew-In

Polka dots and charity blocks
We need all hands on deck for the next San Diego Modern Quilt Guild meeting because we will be discussing important issues for next year and the future of the guild!

Please join us at 11:00 am, Sunday October 12, 2014 at Quilt in a Day, San Marcos. We will be voting on dues for 2015, and taking nominations for next year's officers. (Elections will be held at the November 9 guild meeting). 

We realize it's a long drive to QiD for some members, so we are asking for volunteers for a committee to find more central locations for future meetings. We also need people to oversee charity projects and help plan regional activities. This is your chance to make the guild better for all!

Our swap this month is Polka dot charm squares. Check the link for who has signed up and how many to bring. Meanwhile, start collecting your scraps for our fall scrap swap in November, and don't forget the zipper-pouch swap in December...

Please bring your charity blocks for the QuiltCon Challenge project so that we can assemble the top during our Sew-In after the business meeting.

Jen will kick off Round 3 of the SDBee - can't wait to see what she's dreamed up this time!

And most importantly, bring your latest projects for Sew and Tell - we love to share your inspiration and creativity!

After the talking is done, the Sew-In will begin. We have Quilt in a Day's spacious, air conditioned classroom until they close at 4:00 pm. Help us with the QuiltCon challenge quilt, or just get some uninterrupted sewing time for your own projects.

Hope to see you then!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nominations for 2015 Officers Needed!

Do you have ideas to make the SDMQG better? Are you looking for a way to get more involved in the guild? 

Then consider running for one of our executive positions for 2015!

At our October 12, 2014 guild meeting*, we will be accepting nomination for the following officer positions:

1) President
2) Vice President of Operations
3) Vice President of Activities
4) Treasurer
5) Secretary

Descriptions of each role can be found in our bylaws. We need people to help keep our guild vital and interesting! Is that you? 

Elections will be held at our November 9th meeting. 

If an officer position isn't right for you, we are also looking for volunteers to organize charity projects and plan regional activities. There are many ways to contribute!

*If you can't be at the October 12 meeting, you can still nominate yourself by e-mailing Deb ( or Marisa ( before the meeting.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September Meeting Highlights

Sammy contemplates his human's pillow swap prize
Lots of Angela-Walters-inspired quilting on display at the September 14 SDMQG meeting! If you couldn't be there, here is what you missed:


1) Membership cards and pins for new members should be here soon. We no longer have to wait 3 months for them to come in.

2) We're adding members' shops and blogs to the blogroll to the right. Let us know if you have a link to add. Shop local! 

3) Board elections will be in November. If you are interested in getting more involved in the guild, we will start taking nominations/volunteers at the October 12 guild meeting for the offices of President, VP of Activities  VP of Operations, Secretary, and Treasurer. We could also use a new Charity Coordinator.

4) Speaking of elections, The Modern Quilt Guild is taking applications for a Region 1 representative (covering AK, AZ, CA, HI, NV, OR, UT, WA). Our own Sandi Sawa Hazlewood is the current representative. Applications are due Oct. 15. Request an application here.

5) Membership Survey results are still being processed. There was some interest in having regional activities so that South and East County folks wouldn't have so far to drive every time. We are looking for volunteers to be regional directors and plan local activities on an occasional basis. With that in mind, we are considering a Balboa Park Meet-Up for mid October. Stay tuned for details!

On the Road:

1) Our own Susan Kephart will be giving a presentation on Modern Quilting to the Chula Vista Quilter's Guild on October 8 at 7:00 pm, using quilts made by several fabulously talented SDMQG members. If you're in the area, come and offer moral support. Otherwise, help her compile a list of Modern Quilting Resources to share with our CVQG friends.

2) The first ever Quiltfest Oasis Palm Springs is the weekend of October 2-4. Or if that's too far, the Temecula Outdoor Quilt Show is also October 4. Take a long weekend and hit both!

3) But if you're trying to save gas, why not register for The Sewing Party on November 8? This online craft festival will feature classes on Quilting, DIY fashion, home decor, and much more! And you have 90 days after the event to stream whatever classes you like. Use promo code HV97248 if you do register.

Charity Quilts:

We decided on a concept for the QuiltCon Charity Challenge - Random Chevrons, and distributed fabric kits for "blocks". Thanks to Carrie for providing the fabric at cost! We will collect the "blocks" at the October 12 meeting and use the Sew-In time to assemble the top. More info on the Flickr link.

We wrapped up Round 2 by collecting blocks for Marisa and Grace. There are a few slots left for Round 3, but they are going fast! Sign up on Flickr, and Jen will start us off in October.


This time, we swapped pillow covers, to the delight of our feline associates, as seen above. 

At the October 12 meeting, we will be swapping 5" Polka Dot Charm Squares. Sign up at the Flickr link by September 30 so we can determine how many squares each one of us needs to bring.

The November 9 meeting will see the return of the ever-popular Scrap Swap. Scraps and unwanted yardage will be welcome. More details to come.

And finally, the December 14 meeting will feature a zipper-pouch swap. Make a (non-seasonal, please) zipper pouch, and bring it with a small (<$10 worth) gift inside, and we'll swap at our year-end potluck party.


Both Marisa and Deb gave quick presentations on tricks to make inserting zippers in your projects easier. Wonder tape actually lives up to its name!


Many wonderful projects both large and small were shared and can be seen in our Flickr Pool. Seems like half of them featured quilting techniques from the Angela Walters class last month! We were delighted to have first-time visitors like Suzanne and Maho share their projects this time, and it was great to see how Lori has mastered free-motion quilting in such a short time.

Go check out all the projects and let their creators know how much you like them!

Quilt Along: 

The folks participating in the Vintage Quilt Revival Quilt Along met to show their blocks and and share sewing tips. Check out the schedule to see which blocks are up next. There are going to be some amazing quilts coming out at the end of the QAL!

That's it until our next meeting, Sunday, October 12, at 11:00 am at Quilt in a Day. Hope to see you then!

Modern Quilting 101 (Essential Resources?)

Want to learn more about Modern Quilting? 

Where should a beginner go to find out more?

What are your favorite Modern Quilting resources?

Though I'm no expert in the field, I've agreed to give a presentation on Modern Quilting to the Chula Vista  Quilters Guild on October 8, at 7:00 pm, using examples from our fabulous and talented SDMQG members. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and offer some moral support!

But if you can't be there, maybe you can help me make a list of Essential Modern Quilting Resources to share with the CVQG members. Here's a few that I've put together from my own collection - did I forget any?

Essential Modern Quilting Resources
Updated September 12, 2014


The Modern Quilt Guild (national organization)

Flickr groups

[Flickr is a photo-sharing platform. It’s what we used in the dark ages before Instagram, you know, back in 2010! To view the Flickr groups, all you need is a web browser. To upload photos and post in the discussion areas, all you need to do is create a free Yahoo account. Just go to and click “Sign Up” on the top left side of the page.]

Web magazines

Modern Quilt bloggers of note
Alissa Haight Carlton
Jacqui Gering             
Elizabeth Hartman    
Rossie Hutchinson   
Latifa Saafir                
Heather Jones           
Jeni Baker                   
Malka Dubrowski       
Rita Hodge                 
Ashley Newcomb      
Heather Grant            
            (She no longer updates the site, but the archives are well worth exploring)

The San Diego Modern Quilt Guild

Modern Quilting Books:

Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts April 24, 2012 by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen

Modern Minimal: 20 Bold & Graphic Quilts March 16, 2012 by Alissa Haight Carlton

The Classics:

Denyse Schmidt Quilts: 30 Colorful Quilt and Patchwork Projects July 7, 2005 by Denyse Schmidt and Bethany Lyttle

Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 14 Guild Meeting and Sew-In

Are you exhausted from the San Diego Quilt Show and the Back-to-School grind? Do you need some quiet time with a good pillow? Then be sure to come to the next meeting of the San Diego Modern Quilt Guild!

Be there at 11:00 am on Sunday September 14, 2014 at Quilt in a Day, San Marcos, where we'll discuss the Membership Survey results and the QuiltCon Charity Challenge. We'll collect SDBee blocks for Marisa, and take sign-ups for the last few slots for Round 3. We'll catch up with the Vintage Quilt Revival Quilt-Along, and have a double-barreled demo on zippers

Our swap this month is pillow covers! Make a pillow cover to fit a standard 14-, 16-, or 18-inch square pillow form, and be prepared to swap it for another member's fine creation. The pillow insert is not required.

Then the best part - Sew and Tell! Bring your latest projects to share your inspiration and creativity!

After the talking is done, the Sew-In will begin. We will have Quilt in a Day's spacious classroom until they close at 4:00 pm. (You can also probably find a quiet nook to nap in, if so inspired...)

Hope to see you then!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SDMQG Beach Outing and Bee Round 3 and

Hi All

Quilters at the Beach August 23rd.. this saturday!

See you at the beach this Saturday, August 23rd!

Families are welcome, but leave the sewing machine at home! Meet up near the playground at La Jolla Shores at 11:00am. A public parking lot is available, but it fills up early. Bring your own refreshments, handwork, sunscreen, whatever you need for a great San Diego day in the sun!

Bee Round 3

Flicker has been updated for round 3... check it out here... 

We are still looking for 2 or 3 additional participants.  If you are interested, please send me an email and I can add you to the mix.  We have just set up the schedule so there is a great deal of flexibility still.  

Past results are really stunning given the vast talent in this group!  Come join us on this adventure, I am sure you will not be disappointed!