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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quilting Bee / Block Party!

We are starting our very own SDMQG quilting bee. I think I will call it the SD Bee to keep it simple. Is that the most creative name? No. If you have any better name ideas, please comment.

This is how it works…

The SD Bee will be made up of 12 people (hopefully) who are each assigned a separate month as their month to determine what blocks will be made and be the recipient of the blocks. The bee will run for a year, starting at the April SDMQG meeting (4/15/12). Each member of the SD Bee will take turns making blocks for everyone else for 11 months, and one month distributing fabric and receiving their own blocks back.

The rules…

When it is a month you are making a block for someone else: Come on by the monthly sew-in at Quilters Paradise and pick up your fabric. When you get the fabric, read the directions the person included (or posted online somewhere) about what they want their blocks to be. You will have 2 months to complete 2 fabulous blocks. We decided on two months instead of the usual one month deadline because we are all going to miss a sew-in here and there, so that way it’s no big deal.

When it is a month you are choosing the block to be made: Figure out what kind of blocks you want everyone to make you. You can give vague or detailed direction. Determine what fabric will be used. You can have the other members make blocks entirely from there own fabric/scraps, you can distribute some fabric and encourage members to add there own fabric also, or you could ask that only your distributed fabric be used to make the blocks. If you are distributing any fabric, be sure to let us know about what to do with the scraps. If you might need them back to complete the quilt, let others know. Otherwise, members can just keep them. Print out or post online directions/inspirations for your blocks. Post those directions on the SDMQG flickr page. Come on by the monthly sew-in to give members instructions and/or fabric. Wait a couple months for finished blocks to come back to you. Marvel at the awesome sewing skills of your friends. Sew these blocks into a quilt, two quilts, twelve pillows, or shove them in a closet.

Be sure to check out this GREAT website all about virtual quilting bees with lots of great block ideas, tutorials, and inspiration. (It's also where I got most of the info on how to organize this bee!)

We still need a few things to get this party started. First, please suggest any names for the bee you can come up with. Second, let me know if you want to join the fun! We already had seven people “sign-up” at the March meeting, so we have five spots left.

Who’s in? Let us know here.

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