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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dec. 1. Hand Quilting Demo...

For the hand quilting demo, these are the following supplies we will be using...

(However, keep in mind that I will bring all the supplies plus 2 hoops and 2 thimbles. So no need to buy anything, only if you want to, might want to try it first. But feel free to bring whatever supplies you want.
Also, if you have a hoop or frame, and or the specific thimbles and could bring it, that would allow more people to try at a time. If you can do so please let me know what size the hoop or frame is, so I will have enough fabric/batting. 

- quilting hoops/frames
Ie. I noticed that Rosie's had two 14" hoops @ $22., and Country Loft had one 17" hoop @ $28. Both plastic resin types. Takes a week to get them in.
- perle cotton balls, size 5,7 or 8.
- embroidery needles, eye big enough for the thread to go through.
- quilting thread.
- quilting needles or Betweens, range from 7(large) to 12 (small).
- thimble with a grid texture or raised lip for the index.
- rubber finger for pointer finger.
- fabric and batting.

If you have any questions please reply here or on SDMQG Flickr page.

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