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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NICU quilts and ideas for the future

The incubator quilts that were collected at the Dec. 1 meeting were delivered to the UCSD Medical Center Volunteer Services office today. (Many thanks to new member Theresa M. for the advice on who to contact!) 

While there, I had a nice chat with Judy, one of the volunteer coordinators, about their needs for future quilt donations. 

1) More incubator quilts (at least 44"x52") are always welcome, since they have 49 units, and send the quilts home with the patients when they leave.

2) They could also use lap quilts for patients in their Senior Behavioral unit (for patients being diagnosed with dementia, not a long-term care unit).

3) They could also use bed-sized quilts for their Oncology unit. Patients who are recovering from bone-marrow transplants spend a lot of time in isolation and could use some warmth and cheer.

If you have a quilt that could serve any of these purposes, just bring it to any meeting or Sew-in and I'll see that it gets delivered. 

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