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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Theresa's Scrap Organization Talk

Theresa asked me to post a few highlights and links she had mentioned in her fabulous scrap organization talk she gave at the January SDMQG Meeting. Enjoy!

1 - Cut scraps as you go into sizes that will be usable for you

-- I use squares in 2.5, 3.5, 5, 8, 10 inches, strips in 2.5 in, and everything smaller is either a "string" or a "snippet"
-- any specific project you may want to make - do you need novelty prints for an "I spy" quilt? greens for a Christmas tree? stripes for something?

2 - Think of scrap projects as ongoing, "background" projects 

-- use some sort of bin/box for each project
-- this will help you get a wider variety of fabrics represented, and spread throughout your quilt, as well as keep your attention better

3 - Use some organizing principles for (most) scrap projects

-- rarely does "anything goes" truely work, but you don't need to be too picky
-- pick a color palette/theme - high volume, low volume, "boy," ROYGBIV, whatever, small scale, large scale

More Inspiration:

Sunday Morning Quilts - this is my favorite quilt book of all time

Remember that most patterns for precuts (charm squares, jelly roll strips, layer cakes, etc.) work very well with scraps if you cut your scraps into compatible sizes

Links to the specific projects I showed:

The strip handbag, inspired by this one at Crazy Mom Quilts (bought the handles here)
The postage stamp quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts (sorry, can't find a good link)
Up and Away from Sunday Morning Quilts
Rag rug like this one (note that I also knit blocks facing the other direction on the ends)
Bookmarks (gave away as door prizes, and used the scraps from my handbag)

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